Meet the new Red IT
The new brand
We’re officially launching a new brand identity for the company. While we’re excited to unveil our new logo, look, and feel, a brand encompasses so much more.
It’s the sum of everything from your services, to how your employees engage with your people and clients, to how everybody feels when they talk about your company.
Why are we changing?
We’ve made tremendous progress on all of these fronts over the past few years. From new achievements and leaders to expanded services and partnerships, we continue to evolve. And it was time for our brand to evolve, too.
One thing that hasn’t changed? Our core mission. We’re relentlessly committed to helping build a more tech-driven world by delivering real value and commitment. In creating our new brand, the importance and pervasiveness of this mission needed to come through with even more clarity.
Our logo

but significant

A subtle, modern, easy-to-read design. A visual representation of our stance on technology and the future.
This change is about updating how we communicate and how we can engage with people more effectively, now and in the future, as we continue to grow.

Curved lines, red color, simple shapes.

Primary logo
Our new logo reflects our new identity to better express who we are and what we do today. For technology. For you.
The reminder of the unique characteristics of our company – it’s about emotional connection and a boost for engagement.
This is our new Red. Timeless.
All businesses evolve over
time, and even when times
are tough, we power on.

With our new brand, we’ve
got all the commitment we
need to continue to grow
more and more.

Our colors
A smarter
Drawing from the positive, energetic characteristics of our brand, we’ve taken on a brighter, bolder range of primary and secondary colors.

Our red it’s bright, refreshing, and modern–reflecting the personality and energy of the new Red IT.

Our secondary colors, like Purple Innovation, give us more flexibility to choose colors that emphasize different messages.

The quick red wolf jumps over the lazy sheep.
Our typefaces

The power
of the font

We wanted bold. And we found it in our new typeface, Poppins – a modern, friendly sans-serif font with geometric shapes. Strong but approachable, it has a smart, professional presence that works across many applications – with just the right touch of playfulness that’s inherent to our brand.
We are modern and innovators
Clever and bold.
Always engaged,
sincere, and authentic.
Our new brand reflects a smart new way of thinking about technology and driving innovation, with all you need to succeed in one place. It represents the essence of our team and highlights the power of effective, efficient knowledge that drives excellent results for all.

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