We are people

Who love to learn. Who love technology. Who like to do things right.

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Who are we?

We are a technology consulting company that helps the most driven changemakers shape the future.

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Lisbon, red.it has organically grown to over 120 employees. A company known by IT experts who bring deep cross-industry expertise and a range of perspectives that question the status quo and spark change. A courageous partner with an unusual point of view to help the talented community break through barriers.

Red.it stands as a key element within Group RIT, a collaboration of technological enterprises focused on accelerating business growth through digital transformation. Our teams are experienced and certified IT professionals that work closely with clients, to provide fit-for-purpose solutions. From software development, next-generation cloud services, support in IT projects across multiple technological stacks, IT outsourcing, and many more, Group RIT will use the most advanced technology to accelerate and unleash the full potential of our client's business. With 6 Business Units, 11 offices in 8 countries and a global team of over 500 people, Group RIT is leading digital innovation, providing innovative solutions for multiple business sectors like Telecom, Healthcare, Finance, Retail and Manufacturing.

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Our mission

With you, we improve business to create high levels of value and drive a better future.
With you, we improve business to create high levels of value and drive a better future.
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Our vision

Through talented people, be our partners' most valuable changemaker.
Through talented people, be our partners' most valuable changemaker.
Our values

What matters to us?

Specialized in driving innovation and with a focus to increase business agility, growing and delivering remarkable customer experiences on telcos and integration area.

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makes us authentic.

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to overcome barriers.

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drives everything we do.

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starts with people.

A great history

We help companies through technology to face their most challenging projects

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Corporate Social Responsibility

By doing the right thing, we are aware of the importance of respecting natural resources, preserving biodiversity, and striving for a better quality of life. Our planet, our communities, and our people shape our identity.


Sustaining our world, together.

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Uniting for a better tomorrow.

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Empowering lives, building futures.

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Life @red

We are a happy wolf pack!

Culture is the heart of an organization. At red.it we believe we are happier together. Our red happy moments are an example of how we built a great place to work.


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Company Facts

We are proud of our work

young blonde woman smiling while working at the computer. Dressed in shades of white. In the background we can see details of the office, all in shades of black.
young brunette woman from behind, working on the computer. In the background, the work table with red details
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Working at red.it is a very enriching experience. Not only did I increase my knowledge, I acquired skills that made me a better professional in my field. red.it is a place where I feel I can grow professionally, at my own pace, and always supported by the great team that makes up a very welcoming environment.
Pedro Sabrosa
Junior Consultant
I am working at red.it for a little more than 1 year and the time has passed quite fast. Since the beginning, their support and proximity were a big help, allowing me to pursue what I was looking for, facing new challenges and keep learning. We are all in a wolf pack, after all!
Tânia Corrales
I am very happy to have had the opportunity to join the red.it team.
red.it is a young company with incredible group dynamics, from very relevant and updated training and certifications to extremely fun and challenging team buildings.
Furthermore, red.it is continually dedicated to ensuring the personal and professional well-being of its employees, always seeking to adapt the personal needs and technical skills of its employees to the projects they are part of.
Miguel Melo